5 Tips on How to take care of your Teeth to avoid having to go to the dentist in this quarantine.

1. Food or diet is coincidentally more important than toothbrushing, so you should choose the best foods,
such as: Cheese, vegetables, green tea, salmon, fruit and avoid consuming: refined sugars, tobacco,
sweets hard, sticky foods, ice, soda, excess alcohol, and citrus. This will help you to not have cavities
and therefore you will not have a toothache or even some inflammation in your gums. Even good
nutrition will help to have infections having your immune system balanced and high.
2. Now in point number 2, we have tooth brushing as one of the indispensable factors for the care of your
teeth. But we will reveal a secret, you do not necessarily have to brush your teeth right after eating.
Because your mouth has a normal natural process where saliva must work to help synthesize the
enzymes of the food you just ate, we recommend brushing your teeth after 20 minutes after eating, in
case you can’t brush your teeth 3 times a day it is very important that you brush them at least twice,
that is to say morning and night, but you should know that good brushing takes at least 3 minutes to
really clean your teeth, you should do it calmly and a good toothbrush is always important DON’T
3. Drinking water in sips is also one of the things you can do for the good of your teeth, especially if the
water is fluoridated, fuor is a fighter against cavities, it is also one of the simplest and most beneficial
things that you can do to prevent cavities. The water cleanses your mouth with each drink, washing the
remains of food which are friends of the bacteria that cause cavities, and the water dilutes the acids
and balances the pH of the mouth. When the saliva production is low there is a lot of dryness in the
mouth and that increases the production of caries and drinking water helps to decrease the formation
of caries. So the next time you want a drink, don’t feel guilty about drinking water, you will take care of
your body and your smile.
4. Chewing gum, perhaps many of my colleagues disagree with me, perhaps gastroenterologists point me
out as foolish. Chewing gum, perhaps many of my colleagues disagree with me, perhaps
gastroenterologists point me out as foolish. But the truth is that chewing gum, as long as it is sugarfree, chewing gum can help prevent cavities. Chewing gum helps increase saliva production, which
helps neutralize and remove some of the acid that formed in the mouth from breaking down food. So
chewing gum after eating will absolutely help protect your teeth, and improve your oral health since
many of the chewing gums and together with the saliva increases the amount of minerals can even help
strengthen the enamel, reducing the formation of cavities. Remember that chewing gum helps your
teeth but is not a substitute for brushing.
5. Although it is the last of my tips, I consider it very important for you to avoid a visit with your dentist in
this quarantine season. And the most important thing is not to use your teeth as tools to avoid
damaging or fracturing them, even using your teeth to cut thread or open plastic bags can wear them
out and even produce fracture lines, open containers, bite pencils or pens, it is really bad, Usually more
than 70% of our dental practice is for patients who tried to use their teeth as a tool. avoiding using your
teeth as tools are key to maintaining perfect oral health and that will prevent us from having an
emergency appointment with the dentist, so remember the next time you want to remove the label
from your new clothes it is better to use scissors.