Cost of Dental Implants in Tijuana

Dental Implant Prices in Tijuana

When it comes to comparing our dental care with that of what’s offered in the United States, there is no doubt that our exceptional services are the more affordable option. In fact, our prices are 70%-90% lower than those offered in the United States. Equivalent in quality, our discounted treatments make oral care available to all.

Although each case is different, we generally price our dental implant services at around $985 as compared with the average American price of $2250. That’s a savings of 60%!

The cost of an abutment placement for your final crown is around $420 while American doctors charge closer to $1250. Those prices amount to a 76% savings!

Our PFM porcelain crowns with a standard finish are around $285. American prices are typically around $785 which translates to a 70% savings!

For a more extensive list of the procedures we offer and their relatively inexpensive prices, please refer to our Price List.

Will I save money on dental implants in Tijuana?

Yes! Take a look at the savings column on our Price List. Every one of our dental implant services are 60-80% more affordable than those offered by our neighbors to the north.

What makes dental implants a good investment?

When properly cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime. Our use of advanced technology and the latest techniques help to ensure that longevity is a key component of the dental implants we place each day.

Going without dental implants will potentially destroy your jawbone. However, regular stimulation provided by implants, as is done when chewing, biting and speaking, keeps the jawbone from deteriorating. So, if a tooth is missing, these functions cannot be executed, and deterioration sets in immediately, causing more issues and expenses down the road.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of dental implants is the freedom they provide. The luxury of eating whatever you want, laughing with reckless abandon, and smiling ear to ear—these are priceless benefits indeed.

Financing for Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants depends heavily on a variety of details about each individual patient’s case. At Dental Brush, we include as many consultations as are needed, free of charge. Other important aspects of the implant procedure that are included in the cost are: on-site CAT scans as well as evaluations and referrals for supporting procedures, such as PRP, APRF, bone grafting, etc. We provide for every detail of each procedure under our roof.

Dental Brush accepts most PPO dental insurance plans. The best way to get an accurate estimate of what your cost will be is by calling us to schedule a phone consultation. Our dental advisors will happily and comprehensively answer your questions. We guarantee that the cost of your dental care at Brush Dental will be much lower than any care you would receive in the United States.