Patient Review

I live in San Francisco and I had done all the prep work here on the work I needed done - bone graph, implants, root canal, and caps. At first i thought medical tourism was crazy, but I found 5 dentists, and talked to all the offices. I found my Dental Brush to be the most organized, educated, and clear of any of the offices I talked to. I took the plane from SF to San Diego and My Dental Brush picked me up, I spent 5 hours in the dental chair and then, they drove me across the boarder back to the San Diego airport. I had two dentists, the oral surgeon and the root canal specialist. I think the care was as good as I would have gotten in the US. They made sure I was pain free for the operation and understood, I was anxious. I will need to go back two more times, but that is fine. Even better, they take my dental insurance.

- Debbie K

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