Patient Review

Overall I am very satisfied and happy I found Dental Brush! Antonio earned my trust over the phone and emails, I asked him a lot of questions and he was very professional and patiently answered each one of my questions. He gets a full 5 stars all by himself! This was my first visit out of 3. I flown in the morning from the Portland, OR. to San Diego, Itzhak, the driver was there waiting for me and within 20 minutes I was across the boarder in the clinic! What an amazing service! Upon my arrival I got all the x-rays and pictures needed and a full evaluation and a dental treatment plan by Dr Samuel which was very good, caring and professional. Then I got 2 root canal re-treated, by the root canal specialist, Dr. Maveli Luna, which was very good as well, but I did not think it was appropriate nor professional for her assistant to continually, over an hour, chit chat with the doctor while the doctor was working on my mouth. The Dr. did not stop this chit chat and I should have mentioned it while I was there, but didn't. But with that, the dr. seem good and knowledgeable. I was able to save 2 teeth because of her evaluation and I thank her for that. Lastly, I got 3 dental implants including 2 oral surgeries and extraction by Dr. E. Leon, who was very professional, confident, quick (which I am still recovering from). I have had bad teeth all my life and been to too many dentists around the world. My first impression of Dr. Leon is very high, He is confident, knowledgeable, quick, caring and very professional. I am happy I found me a new dentist that I can trust and afford. I am very appreciative of his work and everyone else at Dental Brush, you each get a 5 stars review from me. Thank you for accommodating me and I appreciate each of you for helping me to get so much done in one day! I flown out of Portland, OR in the morning and got back home in the same day, at night. and looking forward to complete my dental treatment program within the coming months.

- Ronit C

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