Patient Review

I had a very favorable experience at Dental Brush. The office is clean and sanitary on US standards. The doctors are very professional, knowledgeable and confident. I was told in the US i needed and extraction and implant (5K)...coming to Dental Brush with their extensive X-rays and oral surgeon, it was determined that i needed only a new crown. I had no infection, just an ill fitting crown. They made me a new ceramic crown on their 3d printer and I was good to go at a fraction of the cost! I highly recommend coming to Dental Brush. If you are concerned about crossing the border, do not be. Antonio is very helpful and will get you to the office which is only 2 blocks from the border. No need to drive at all. Just don't come on a Saturday afternoon. The outlets are near by and all the parking on the US side is busy! I am very pleased with Dental Brush and will return.

- Bernadette M

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