Patient Review

I am thrilled with the service and skills of Dr. Leon and his staff dentists and front and back office professionals. They use up-to-date techniques and equipment and have their own lab for things like crowns, abutments, night guards. If they don't have an in-house specialist for "extras" such as for root canals, sinus lifts, orthodontia, they bring in an experienced affiliated team dentist to perform these. I was able to send them my X-rays taken from my own dentist in CA and we had a "plan" together before I even arrived. I knew I needed several extractions and 6 implants (mostly molars) but I also needed additional support work like two sinus lifts and bone grafts to strengthen the gums for the new implants. They took their own X-rays using a surround X-Ray machine to make sure they had the most updated, sophisticated and clear X-rays. Everything went like clockwork, very efficient. Even with the 3 trips by air over 9 months (some folks may need only two) I still saved thousands of dollars. The cost here is about ¼ - 1/3 the cost of implants in the US. I flew to/from San Diego airport and their wonderful driver, Fernando, picked me up at the airport/curbside and drove the 20 minutes across the border to their clinic and then to/from my hotel. I would leave my city in the Bay Area at 8am and was in the chair by 10am. Easy peasy! And I have six new functional teeth and can chew properly again!! I have to add that Tijuana is a bustling, thriving modern city, and, as a woman traveling alone, I never felt threatened and walked everywhere unescorted. Everyone I met was friendly and nice. The whole experience is wonderful.

- Becky

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