Crystal Ultra Denture

Crystal Ultra and Trilor® are easily bonded together to create a
feel that closely resembles natural tooth elasticity. This leads to
greater functionality and fewer long-term implant failures.

Crystal Denture Tijuana

  • Gentle: 60% Lighter than Zirconia
  • Durable: 6X Stronger than Acrylic
  • Flexible: Bends and Gives Under Stress
  • Versatile: Used for a range of restorations

Crystal Ultra Denture Tijuana

The higher compressive strength of Crystal Ultra is the result of special manufacturing processes used to bond the glass and polymer materials, including the use of special sylanated glass ceramic which chemical bonds to the polymers, as compared to other hybrid or ceramic material that form no such chemical bond

Crystal Ultra Denture. Elasticity is especially important for implant dentistry where the lack of a periodontal ligament leaves the patient with no sensation and natural shock absorption.Tijuana Crystal Ultra Denture

Crystal Ultra Denture

Crystal Ultra is the most Elastic Ceramic material available on the market. Elasticity allows the material to flex while chewing or under pressure, which will minimize chips and fractures.

Crystal Ultra Dentures Tijuana

Tijuana Crystal Dentures